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Kişi Sayısı

Fethiye is set on a wide bay, strewn with many islands, the ancient name of the city is Telmessos and you will see a fortress on the hill overlooking the city which was built by Knights of Rhodos Fethiye is known for its rock tombs carved into the faces of the cliffs by the Lycians. Other historical places in the city are the Sarcophaghi and the Fethiye Tower.

On Tuesdays Fethiye is host to the largest market of the area. The fresh produce section is amazing with rows of stalls selling vegetables of the season, cheeses, olives, nuts and spices at remarkably low prices. The other section of the market sells clothing, handbags, jewellery, household linens, shoes and gifts and any fakes are of course ‘genuine’! Kayaköy is a village 8 km south of Fethiye where anatolian Greeks lived until approximately 1923 when christians moved to greece and Muslims moved to turkey. The incoming people preferred to settle on the flatter fertile farm land and so the cillage became deserted The ‘ghost’ town, now preserved as a museum village, consists of hundreds of abandoned but still mostly intact Greek-style houses, schools and churches which cover a small mountainside and serve as a stopping place for tourists visiting Fethiye.

Visit Fethiye and the Market, or combine your market shopping with a visit to Kayakoy.